Charles Kierkegaard Langford
PhD, Fellow CSI

Charles K. Langford is the President and CEO of Charles K. Langford, Inc, Portfolio Managers. He teaches portfolio management at École des Sciences de la Gestion, Université of Québec (Montréal). He is the author of 16 books on portfolio management, derivatives strategies and technical analysis.

Until 2007 he was the vice-president of overlay risk management for Visconti Venosta Teaspoon Approach Management, Ltd. (Bahamas) and until 1990 he was a portfolio manager for Refco Futures (Canada) Ltd.

He has received a Bachelor degree from Université of Montréal and a Master and PhD from McGill University (Montréal). He is also a Fellow of CSI (Canadian Securities Institute).

Since 2011, Mr. Langford has partnered with Desjardins Online Brokerage to offer training programs, enabling independent investors to explore a range of North American financial products, including derivatives, their strategic use and to learn various methods of financial analysis and portfolio management.